Wink iWash Lash Shampoo Kit


Specifically designed for washing eyelash extensions.  Gentle enough to use daily,  strong enough to remove makeup.
Comes with an extremely soft bristle brush that gets in between the individual lashes without pulling or tugging on your extensions!
This is the best way to keep your lashes clean and healthy!
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Wink iWash Lash Shampoo kit is designed specifically for lash extensions.
* Gentle enough to use daily.
* Strong enough to remove makeup, dirt and oils.
* Use regularly to keep lash extensions clean and lasting their longest.
* Fragrance Free
* Clean lashes are healthy lashes.
* Will not damage or cause premature shedding of lash extensions.
* Pump foam onto our extremely gentle and soft lash brush.
* Brush onto lashes and lather.
* Rinse brush and use water from brush to rinse thoroughly.
* Repeat as necessary.
* Dab lashes dry


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