Clinger N°5 Adhesive


.05 second dry time
                        6-8 wk retention
                        Thin viscosity
                         Low fumes
                         Professional use only
Due to the quick drying time, this is for advanced professionals only. Keep the nozzle clean at all times to prevent clogging.
For best retention immediate placement of the lash is required.
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Clinger N°5 AKA Stage 5 Clinger.

Definition- One that is likely to become overly attached, overly fast. They just will not give up on you. Clingy to the point that they are surprisingly steadfast and immovable.
Hence the .05 second fast drying time and 6-8 wk retention!

CLINGER N°5 when you have a need for speed, and you want the lashes to hang on tight!

*Thin viscosity
*Retention 6-8wks
*Half second dry time
*Low fumes
*Black in color
*68°F – 71°F
*30% – 45% Humidity



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