Super Bond 007


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Our secret weapon to long lasting lashes!

It’s Bond….
Super Bond … Double 07

What it does, and why we love it!
– Intensifies adhesive bond to boost lash retention by up to 30%
– Cures adhesive from the inside out in just 3 minutes — no need to wait to get lashes wet!
– Less irritation or chance of developing an allergy to adhesive
– Added elasticity makes adhesive bonding points more flexible and resistant to breakage
– Works in all humidity and temperature conditions
– No need for nanomisting or nebulizing
– Works with any lash adhesive
– Suitable for sensitive eyes
– Can be used for all types of lash extensions, including volume lashes
– Each bottle is enough for 150-200 treatments

Why your clients will love it!

-No stinging sensation after lash application.
-Longer lasting lashes, better retention.
-Less likely to have an allergic reaction.
– Can get lashes wet immediately after application.


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